Alice Lewis, age 9 as Joan of Arc by Kelly Is Nice Photography |

You can check out more of Alice’s cosplays on Buzzfeed.

After many weeks of crafting, scouting, researching, shooting and editing they’re finally complete.  This set took six separate days of shooting at several locations.  It’s definitely the most involved cosplay we’ve done but it was all worth it because it’s now my favorite.  Joan was such an incredible person and someone I think every little girl should learn about.  Whether her voices were real or not her bravery is unquestionable.  Her unwavering faith was strong enough to lead her to victory against all odds and keep her going through miserable months of torture. threats of rape, and eventually agonizing death.  All while she was a teenager.  Um, so yeah.  She’s awesome.

While most of our research was done through books we checked out a few movies for Alice to watch and learn about the battles and time period.  The Messenger with Milla Jovovich was the closest we found to actual events but the spiritual parts were pretty dark and weird.  Of course, Alice liked it a lot and it’s her new favorite movie.  Joan of Arc with Leelee Sobieski is not even remotely accurate and ridiculously long and honestly maybe the worst movie I’ve ever seen and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy and every time you come across it you should kill it with fire just so that it would be a slightly more accurate representation of Joan’s life.

A special “thank you” to the Reeds who generously lent us the use of their beautiful horse, Spirit, and allowed us to pretend to burn our daughter alive in their back yard.

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